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Patches 101

Topical patches are more consistent than orally administered medications and treatments.

Topical patches can administer active ingredients on a smoother delivery curve; resulting in more consistent, longer lasting effects

Sources: Pharmacy Times, National Center for Biotechnology Information, Women’s Healthcare

Where should I place a topical patch?

Thin, veinous area that is free from hair and doesn’t have lotion, etc. on the surface

How long do patches last?

Depending on the formula, 8-12 hours  

How many can I wear at one time?

Typically 1 patch per wear, but it depends on the formula

What is the shelf life of a patch?

2 years from manufacture date if kept in dry, room temperature storage space  

Removal tips

Peel off in the shower for best results

May leave a dirt or lint ring; Remove with soap & water or rubbing alcohol

Why Patches?

  • Easy to use; not complicated or intimidating
  • Controlled, slow release, not erratic
  • No ingestion; Avoids “First Pass Effect” / utilizing GI tract
  • GRAS Ingredients are pre-loaded in patch, not by user
  • Professional, medical format and components
  • Skin Friendly, Medical grade, acrylic adhesive
  • No transfer loss in application (creams/lotions rubbing off)
  • Can be a nice add to existing portfolio/ product line
  • Printing can be a brand differentiator